Deploy IoT Edge modules at scale with layered deployments

At some point in your IoT project, you will need to create or update the modules of the IoT edge devices. When more and more devices are added, it becomes impossible to deploy the configurations by hand. In this article I explain the different possibilities for automatic deployments and I will walk you through the steps.

Test-driven database development

Test-driven development is a known approach in software development, where you write the tests first before you write your production code. Using this approach will result in writing better test coverage and better-quality code. Test-driven database development (TDDD) is a term that is less well known. But it is basically the same, only for database development.

Azure IoT Simulated Device

When developing an IoT solution, the connected devices are not always available from the start. An ideal solution for this is to temporarily simulate a device.

Also, a simulated device is ideal for test work. Since we control the simulated device ourselves, we can explore boundary-value, for example.

In this article I will go further into what is needed and how to make a simulated device.

C# library for SSIS

Last I found several SSIS packages with the same code in different script tasks. Because the code was duplicated it was hard to maintain. That’s is why we created a C# library and used the library in the script tasks.

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